The Sri Lankan Forum of University Economists was established in February, 2012 with the intention of enabling closer cooperation, dialogue, research and academic enhancement among the professionals in Economics serving in the Sri Lankan Universities. There are currently 15 Departments of Economics in the Sri Lankan University system. The Chair of the forum will rotate every year among the Heads of Department in different universities in the country.

While the forum will be invaluable in terms of resource sharing, building of research capabilities, and curriculum development, the first major event of the forum is to be an economics research symposium for the national universities of Sri Lanka, enabling both academics and undergraduates to showcase their skills. This will also be a means of promoting the recognition of academic economists among academia, policy makers, industrialists and the general public.

As decided at the first meeting of the SLFUE held on February 24th, 2012, meetings to discuss the progress of the forum are held in every three month in different universities.  SLFUE provides the opportunity to raise the image and recognition of the University Economists in Sri Lanka among the national and international research community in the field of Economics.